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Filo originated in Italy, a design company focusing on product design and offering a comprehensive strategy to enterprises looking for transformation and improvement. Our design philosophy is “create, innovate, change”.

Filo hires professional designers from Italy with experience in various fields involving product design, engineering, graphic design, branding and interior design. Our team is capable of designing tasks in a wide range of areas, and help customers respond to global needs and challenges.

Therefore, whether a company is eager to make new breakthroughs or to solve existing problems, Filo Design is the right choice to work together toward success.

The word, “filo”, is derived from the Greek mythology.

In Italian, it means “wire” whose moral is the courage and wisdom to solve complex problems.

In the story, a brave prince of Athens, in order to save the world, volunteered to enter the maze to kill the monster. Before leaving, a princess gave the Prince a ball of wire. The hero unwound the ball as he navigated the maze. He found the monster in the maze and slew it, saving his people from further sacrifice. He was then able to follow the path marked by the wire he had laid behind him and escape the maze.

Filo’s goal is analogous to the wire in the Athenian prince’s hands: to lead companies out of trouble, out of the fog, and towards the light with the help of Italy’s long-standing design culture.

We are willing to be the wire to lead companies out of the labyrinth, bringing Italian design into China to help offer the solutions to overcome enterprises’ confusion.